Letters & Orders of ISGPP

Notification No.DateSubject
635/ISGPP/PMU-7/2016 22/05/2017 Notification for Publication of Panel of Eligible Candidates for Engagement on Contract of Personnel in the ISGP Programme II
624/ISGPP/PMU-7/2016 19/05/2017 Notification for Filling up of Vacant Post on Contract basis under ISGP Programme II
482/ISGPP/PMU-7/2016 17/04/2017 Engagement Notice under ISGPP-II
348/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/A-I_S24 17/03/2017 Anexxure-I_S24
348/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/Order_S24 17/03/2017 Order for PBGs 2017_S24
323/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/Order for PBGs 14/03/2017 Order for PBGs 2017
323/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/Annexure-I 14/03/2017 Annexure-I
323/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/Annexure-II 14/03/2017 Annexure-II
323/ISGPP/22F-1(Ff)/15/NL 14/03/2017 Negative List of activities
2323/PN/O/I/2M-14/2016 31/08/2016 Government Order issued for introduction of web enabled Grievance Redress Management System ('Panchayeter Protikaar') application, developed by ISGP Project, to be managed by the P&RD Department.